More votes counted than taken out of the voting box; Rampant vote buying

Translated from Rafizi Ramli.

Penang was one the states seeing competitive action in GE13, especially in Malay areas contested by PKR.

PKR lost narrowly in Parliamen Balik Pulau (majority 1539, spoilt votes 612) and the state assembly seats below it, Telok Bahang (majority 809, spoilt votes 167) and Pulau Betong (majority 395, missing ballots 223).

Early investigations showed these frauds happening:

More votes counted than taken out of the voting box

At saluran 2, SRJK(C) Yu Chye (District voting Code 053/40/05), official results based on Form 13 (ballots coming out of the box) and Form 14 (votes obtained by each candidate) showed that more votes were counted than were taken out of the box.

Form 13 for saluran 2 Balik Pulau showed that 424 ballots were taken out. The serial numbers were curious because they did not match the book received from the Voting Officer, as if they are a different set of ballots.

After counting was performed and results transferred to Form 14 (Voting Result After Counting), results showed there were 562 votes,  which is 138 more than the number of ballots taken out of the box.

To worsen matters, official results in Form 14 for Balik Pulau are misaddressed to DUN Telok Bahang, which is actually a DUN inside Balik Pulau. The scoresheet for N40 Telok Bahang in Form SPR760 page 2 shows that results for saluran 2 (total votes 562, PKR 369) are the same as results for Parlimen.

All three official forms contain results which are wrong and curious, especially the number of votes that have skewed results for parlimen and DUN at 138 and 318 votes. With a low majority and high percentage of spoilt votes, these saluran 2 alone is sufficient to alter the results at Parlimen Balik Pulau and DUN Telok Bahang.

All three forms were accepted by Chief Voting Officer, Muhamad Shukri bin Din despite the protests of polling agents at the voting place. Because the Chief Voting Officer refused to make photostat copies unless they were signed (which would allow much more manipulation to happen), in the end, polling agents signed to get a photostat copy.

This incident proves that more votes were indeed counted than were taken out of the voting box. It happened in Balik Pulau and surely happened elsewhere, although #siasatpru13 could not possibly have collected all reports.

It questions the competence and integrity of EC officials in handling elections when small mistakes such as switching the results for Parlimen and DUN can still happen.

Rampant Vote Buying

As have been reported before, vote buying happened on an unprecedented scale especially in Penang throughout GE13. Parlimen Balik Pulau was no exception and video recordings show people queuing up to convert vouchers into cash at a shop in DUN Pulau Betong.

The same thing happened in DUN Bayan Lepas, another DUN within Parlimen Balik Pulau at a premise Lot 25, Lorong Helang 3, Sungai Dua. A police report was made by Dato’ Abdul Halim Hussain on the 10th of May 2013, the very day of this incident.

These two incidents show that fraud and deception against election rules happened and solidify public perception that widespread fraud occurred in GE13.

While these proofs are submitted in election petitions, PKR will continue to expose to the media and public to proof that fraud indeed happened in GE13.

Rafizi Ramli,

PKR Strategy Director

24 May 2013


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