Rafizi: Incidences of Fake IC by Phantom Voters throughout Malaysia

Translated from Rafizi’s blog

Starting today, #siasatpru13 will publish proof of systematic and systemic electoral fraud in GE13 throughout Malaysia. Every week, #siasatpru13 will hold 2-3 press conferences to bring this proof to citizens. Aside from the evidence, #siasatpru13 will also present the witnesses and their statements.

The biggest fraud stems from phantom voters in an unclean electoral roll. This shows the corruption and involvement of two agencies, the Election Commission, and the National Registration Department.

Phantom voters bring a gigantic impact, crushing the confidence of the citizenry in the results of GE13. When phantom voters exist, every result – from the vote majority, percentage of turnout, stream voting patterns, etc, are mistrusted by the people.

As of 17th of May, 8 voters have made police reports for being prevented from voting because someone else has voted in their name. This means that there exists fake ICs issued by the National Registration Department for suspicious persons who became phantom voters.

Their names are as follows:



Kamarulzaman Md Adnan P105 Sungai Petani
Mohd Khir Shaari P131 Rembau
Mohd Razmi Khalid P096 Kuala Selangor
Nor A’risah Ab Yamin P102 Serdang
Zaripah Abdul Halim P040 Kemaman
Lee Hou Cyang P102 Serdang
Sairah Jusoh P019 Tumpat
Mohamad Khairul Azhar Yang Ali P108 Shah Alam

Police reports have been made by each person named.

#siasatpru13 is in the process of getting the agreement of voters to make a Statutory Declaration regarding these events to strengthen the proof we have collected.

The existence of ICs to allow strange persons to vote using the identity of Malaysian is alarming. It not only proves the existence of phantom voters, but displays the failure of the National Registration Department to guarantee that ICs are original, unique, and safe for Malaysian citizens.

The fact that these phantom voters exist is undeniable, because the ICs of Malaysian citizens are used by strangers. I challenge the Election Commission and National Registration Department to bring their excuses to the judge in court.

I also challenge YB Khairy Jamaluddin who has been recently appointed to Cabinet to answer if the existence of phantom voters in the Parlimen seat of Rembau might have propelled him to victory.

Rafizi Ramli,

PKR Strategy Director

For more pictures click here.

Police Report #1


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