Circular Arguments by the Police of Malaysia

A circular argument is making the rounds on the internet.

Outgoing Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar said the statements by the organisers on the rallies were dangerous and provocative.

“Nobody should try to change the government through undemocratic means.

“It must be done only through democratic means. Let the people make their choice through the voting system,” he said.

This is the first half of the circle. Now the second half.

Vote fraud. Gerrymandering. Magic boxes. Buses of banglas. Escorted by police and FRU. Free food for votes. Money for votes. Monopoly and censorship over mainstream media. Tainted voting rolls.

End result: voting doesn’t change the system. Even with a sizeable majority of the vote, PR fails to capture Parliament, and in fact gets only 40% of the seats.

The full expression of the IGP’s argument is,

Nobody should try to change the government through undemocratic means. It must only be done through democratic means, which we have carefully engineered to not work.

A second form of circular argument is,

We approve of the right to public assembly. But this (opposition) rally is illegal because it doesn’t have a police permit, AND, we are also not going to approve any police permits so suck it hahahahahaha…..

People of Malaysia, let us realize that the so-called “due process” is just a hamster wheel. The purpose of a hamster wheel is not to effect any change, but to tire you out so that the cronycracy can continue plundering the country.

If you still want to play this hamster wheel, then go ahead and knock yourself out.

Otherwise, we need more rallies such as Kelana Jaya, Batu Kawan, Ipoh, and Ulu Tiram #Black505. And yes, these rallies do make a difference. Otherwise, BN would not try so hard to discourage us.

It was rallies that brought down apartheid in South Africa. It was rallies that abolished black discrimination in America (and also ended the Vietnam War). Of course, we will not just stop at rallies. We will also boycott the racist BN-controlled media, and perhaps, launch a hartal (economic boycott) as suggested by ABU. The key is to have peaceful civil disobedience.

“Moving on” is not an option. We must keep the pressure up, because BN performs better under pressure. Look at how hard they have worked since 2008. Would BR1M, ETP, and so many programs have been started, if the rakyat had not woken up and demanded our rights?

Therefore, my saudaras in BN, do not be angry at us. Our loyal opposition is making you a better party. It would be even better if you give up this “corruption” and “racism” thingie and stop perverting the law.

My saudaras in PR, let us not be afraid. To tell you the truth, I’m also scared. But we cannot allow the illegitimate government to bully us. The only way to stop a bully, is to stand up to him.

Before there was democracy, the people stood up and rejected the forms of dictatorship. The people decided they would not be ruled except by self-government. They rejected the laws formed by dictators. And that was how democracy was born. We return back to those times now. Whenever the process fails, whenever the law becomes a tool for the unjust, we return to those times. The legitimacy of the government depends on the will of the people, and not on procedural tricks such as gerrymandering or outright fraud.

Therefore, the will of the people shall be subverted no more, and we will organize peaceful rallies and practice all the forms of non-violent civil resistance. Until…until…justice is restored to the nation once more.


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