Citizen Urges Anwar to Consider Mass Civil Disobedience Movement

This letter is going around facebook.

By concerned citizen

I am pleased to know that you are not conceding this fraudulent election. Based on the popular vote, you have won by 3.6%, which means that we, the rakyat, have elected you. You are our rightful prime minister.

In the year 2000, a man called Al Gore won the popular vote and should rightfully be the President of the USA. After a long dispute in the courts, he decided to graciously concede to his opponent, believing it is better for the country to “move on” and heal. However, the next 8 years revealed the folly of this decision. George W. Bush singlehandedly destroyed America, creating a deficit of trillions and leaving America unprepared for the Great Recession of 2008.

To allow Najib to rule, therefore, may lead to the destruction and bankruptcy of Malaysia. Our consciences as patriotic citizens will not allow us to choose this path.

I hope you consider expanding your resistance movement. You are holding a public rally on 8th of May, but let this rally not be just a soapbox to vent your frustrations, and everyone going home after that. We cannot afford to relax at this critical moment in history, and therefore a mass civil disobedience movement must be started. It cannot end until the rightful winner of GE13 takes power.

Mahatma Gandhi showed the world how to conduct a non-violent civil resistance movement. I believe that you can use his example. Starting from 8 May 2013, let us consider all BN institutions of government as illegitimate. Let us treat his decrees as non-authoritative. When the British banned salt production, Gandhi went to the beach to create his own salt. I am sure that you can think of something. Just give the word, and the rakyat will support you.

We will wear black this month in support of you.

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